Physical protection of sites

Physical protection sites of STRONG-S LTD Company possess high level of security as a result of implemented measures for elimination of causes and conditions, conductive to criminal violations. 24-hour connection maintenance with Company’s On duty center, District Police Directorates, Civil Defense, and Fire Services for the purpose of timely prevention of damaging consequences of thefts, fires, natural calamities, large-scale accidents.

Security guards in uniform bearing distinguishing marks of STRONG-S LTD Company and equipped with all modern ancillary means for detention and constraint of violators such as batons, handcuffs, etc. provide protection,

All security guards are trained under a special program and possess excellent training and qualifications for work in extreme situations. They have passed courses in firearms theory and practice, as well as individual tests for individual qualities verification.

As regards to security activities of sites with physical protection, head employees possessing rich professional experience constantly apply various methods of inspection and control.